How You Can Help Protect Your Compact Equipment from Theft

How You Can Help Protect Your Compact Equipment from Theft

Construction sites with high-value equipment are often easily accessible for thieves looking to make quick money. Equipment loss is expensive and can lead to unnecessary downtime for your business. However, there are many steps you can take to reduce the chances of construction equipment theft from your job site and ensure your machines, including skid steers and excavators, are protected. Learn about these safety tips so you can safeguard your assets.

Tips to Protect Your Skid Steers & Excavators from Theft

Maintain a Secure Site

Take proactive steps to secure the job site. Choose a safe neighbourhood and make sure the area is well-lit to deter thieves. Set up a reliable alarm system with video surveillance to monitor the site. It also helps to limit the number of people that have access to the site. Consider looking for a safe area near the construction site to store your compact equipment if you cannot secure it.

Consider the Basics

Chain-link fences, locks, gates, alarm systems, no trespassing signs, and lighting fixtures are a few fundamental security features that your job site should have. They are easy to install and can reduce the likelihood of theft. In addition to this, be sure to regularly maintain and test them to ensure your site is secure.

Maintain a Detailed Record of Your Equipment

Keep a record of all high-value equipment, including excavator and skid steer attachments, on your site. Record serial numbers and perform regular physical checks to ensure your machines are secure. When you add new equipment, be sure to update your inventory with the necessary information.

Know Your Machinery

Familiarize yourself with the make and model number of excavators, skid steers, mini skid steer attachments and other accessories. You can also take a picture of the machine and save it with the details. Contact your equipment supplier if you do not know the location of the serial plate on your machinery.

Use Fleet Tracking Technologies

Consider a geofence or time-fencing feature to monitor unscheduled use and track your compact equipment in case of vandalism or theft. You can set virtual GPS boundaries with a geofence and get notified via a text message or email if the machine moves outside the vicinity. Installing a terminal to collect and communicate data wirelessly is also an excellent option for fleet-tracking technologies.

Educate Equipment Operators on Protocol

It is crucial to train your machine operators on job site rules and protocol. Provide instructions to have them park the equipment, lock it, and log the details according to site protocol. Doing so will help lower the risk of theft.

Report the Theft Immediately

If any machinery gets stolen from your job site, report it as soon as possible to increase the chances of recovery. Contact the authorities and notify them of the missing equipment’s details, such as the model, size, and colour.

6 Anti-Theft Devices to Protect Your Heavy Equipment

Develop a comprehensive theft prevention plan using these measures to enhance the security of your job site:

  • High-Security Locks
    Choose pick-resistant locks and put them on all compact equipment. In addition to locking the machine’s steering wheel, you may also add one to the axel or wheels, fuel caps, and hood side plates.
  • Chains
    Chain your machinery together because it helps to deter thieves from driving off with a machine. Ensure the chains are thick and case-hardened to protect against breaking and cutting.
  • Equipment ID Numbers
    Stamp all equipment, including mini skid steer attachments and excavator accessories, with identification numbers. Along with putting the identification number on the outside of the equipment, you can also place it hidden inside to help identify the machine if it goes missing.
  • Motion Sensors and Night Cameras
    Digital wireless video systems and sensors are some of the best ways to prevent equipment theft on job sites. You can have your cameras record as per your needs and monitor the work remotely.
  • Light Towers
    Light towers are useful if you have a large fleet of skid steers and excavators with attachments. Tall ones that can rotate 360 degrees and allow you a full view are an excellent deterrent for thieves.
  • Tracking and Deactivation Tools
    Deactivation devices are available with different technology. You may get one that requires a secret pin, a unique key, or a keychain fob. It can help you shut down the machine immediately when triggered, preventing theft.

What Should You Do if Your Equipment Gets Stolen?

If equipment theft occurs despite doing everything right, here are a few steps you can take to raise the possibility of recovery:

  • Inform the authorities immediately.
  • Block the area to preserve the evidence until they arrive to investigate.
  • Make a detailed list of all the items stolen to give to the police.
  • Have a few photos of the area for yourself, as you may need them for insurance purposes.
  • Monitor the investigation and run a check on auction sites and online heavy equipment sales.

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