Get the Most Life Out of Your Skid Steer Rubber Tracks

Get the Most Life Out of Your Skid Steer Rubber Tracks

Skid steers are a popular choice of equipment that can help with a range of work from grading and excavation to debris removal, demolition, and lifting heavy materials. They can go a lot further when equipped with the right rubber tracks, which is why it is essential to choose the most suitable ones. As a leading supplier of rubber tracks, we’ve put together this guide to help you extend the life of your skid steer tracks.

Tips to Enhance the Performance of Skid Steer Rubber Tracks

  • Quality
    You can ensure the durability of your equipment as well as the tracks by buying them from a reputable supplier or directly from the manufacturer. Buying low-priced rubber tracks can cost you in the long run as they do not guarantee quality. It also helps to examine their components and ensure that they are durable.
  • Style
    It is important to choose the tracks that are compatible with your equipment’s make and model. It helps to read the equipment manual to select the correct size of rubber track. Also, check the tread depth and pattern.
  • Check the Undercarriage
    There are two kinds of undercarriages, suspension and rigid. It helps to know when to use which type to ensure optimum performance. Choose a rigid undercarriage for harsh ground conditions and opt for suspension where you need to reduce vibration throughout the equipment. This will help you to maximize the life of your skid steer’s tracks.
  • Operation
    It helps to choose tracks according to the type of work the equipment will be doing. In addition to this, it is also crucial to train the operator on how to handle the machine to avoid aggressive or improper operation. This will help you minimize the damage to the tracks and ensure longevity.
  • Tensioning
    Adjust track tension properly and keep the following in mind:

    • Check tension regularly because it ensures optimum performance. Monitor and adjust the tension after using the equipment for 80 to 100 hours.
    • Avoid over-tensioning as it will use more fuel and cause premature wear in the tracks.
    • Avoid under-tensioning as it will disrupt the alignment, often damaging the machine and even leading to accidents.
  • Ways to Reduce Wear
    Consider the following tips to minimize wear and tear of skid steer tracks:

    • Use Three-point Turns – Sharp changes of directions or counter-rotations often cause cuts in the tracks. It helps to use three-point turns to avoid damages.
    • Keep Tracks Clean – Pressure wash the tracks every day to reduce track friction and inspect for any damage or flats.
    • Tend to Any Problems Immediately – Check for any damages such as cracks and cuts. Also, look for oil leakage from motors or hoses and fix them as soon as you’re able.

We Supply Premium Quality Rubber Tracks for Skid Steer

Maximizing the Performance of Your Skid Steer TracksAt Tag Equipment, we have a wide range of rubber tracks for sale. We carry products from the leading manufacturers such as CAMSO, Michelin & Bridgestone to offer you value for money and ensure quality. We have knowledgeable experts to help you choose the right rubber tracks according to the make and model of your machine.

For more information about our skid steer tracks, give us a call at 647-559-3703. You could also fill out our online form if you have any questions.