Reducing Operating Costs of Skid Steer Tracks, CTL & MTL Tracks

When it comes to skid steer tracks, knowing about the maintenance costs can help you reduce the overall expenditure

Did you know that you can manage almost 70% of the operating expenses of skid steers?

This is because they involve maintenance and operational expenses, which you can easily control. It helps to know that there are a variety of factors that affect the life of your tracks, including the application of the equipment and the way you manage it. However, you can significantly reduce the operating expenses by correctly maintaining the machine and its attachments, particularly the skid steer tracks.

Skid Steer Track Maintenance Costs that You Can Control

  • Track Tension
    Keeping your track well adjusted helps to improve its life and enhance the overall performance of your machine. You should examine the track tension and adjust it when required.
  • Loose Tracks
    If the tracks of your skid steer are loose, it can damage the lug on them and cause the equipment to derail. This is why it helps to ensure that the tracks are correctly installed.
  • Tight Tracks
    If you install the tracks too tightly, it can increase wear on them, and may also damage roller wheels, sprockets, lugs, and drive motors. Regular inspections can help you avoid such situations.
  • Undercarriage Care
    The undercarriage of a skid steer is often exposed to debris and dirt, which is why it helps to clean it daily. Especially, abrasive materials, such as sand, mud, gravel, and clay, should be cleaned out at least once a day. To prevent freeze-ups and minimize moisture build-up during the winter season, you should run the machine forward and reverse before shutting it down.

Compact Track Loaders (CTL) vs Multi-Track Loaders (MTL)

If you’re considering purchasing new equipment, it helps to understand the durability and performance differences between the tracks of a multi-track loader and a compact track loader. Although both MTLs and CTLs need rubber tracks, their track undercarriage design is quite different. This is why each machine is used for various applications.

Compact Track Loaders

CTLs use steel, both in their undercarriage components and embedded into their rubber tracks. This is why CTLs have a longer operating life and lower costs across different terrains. However, the use of steel makes compact track loaders heavier than multi-track loaders, leading to higher ground pressure that can damage a delicate terrain.

Multi-Track Loaders

On the other hand, MTLs utilize rubber-coated roller wheels and rubber tracks, which makes them lighter when compared to CTLs. They are also apt for working on delicate ground conditions without causing damage. Also, they can achieve a higher speed than CTLs. However, multi-track loaders are less durable than compact track loaders on rough terrain.

Design of the Undercarriage

The design of the undercarriage on a CTL and an MTL are quite different. While multi-terrain loaders are typically used on delicate surfaces with lighter loads, the compact track loaders are best suited for rough ground conditions. Also, an MTL should not be used for more aggressive or rugged applications.

We Carry a Wide Range of Rubber Tracks for Sale

At Tag Equipment, we have a wide selection of skid steer rubber tracks, CTL rubber tracks and MTL rubber tracks.

We carry tracks by major brands such as CAMSO and Traxter at the best prices.

We carry tracks for the following CTL makes & models:.

Case Tracks

Case 420 CTCase 420CT-3Case TR270
Case 440CTCase 440CT-3Case TR310
Case 445CTCase 445CT-3Case TR320
Case 450CTCase 450CT-3Case TR340
Case TV380

Our line-up includes tracks for the following MTL makes & models:

CAT Tracks

Cat 247Cat 267Cat 279CCat 289C2
Cat 247B2Cat 267BCat 279C2Cat 297C
Cat 257Cat 269CCat 287Cat 299C
Cat 257B2Cat 277Cat 287B
Cat 259Cat 277BCat 287C
Cat 259B3Cat 277CCat 289C

Reducing Operating Costs of Skid Steer Tracks, CTL & MTL Tracks

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