Which is Better for Skid Steers: Rubber or Steel OTT Tracks

Rubber Vs. Steel Over-the-Tire Skid Steer Tracks

When it comes to over-the-tire skid steer tracks, choosing between steel and rubber is a crucial decision that machine owners often face. It is vital to consider which option will give you the best value. We have created a guide to help you determine which one you should buy to ensure maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness for your needs and applications.

3 Crucial Things to Consider When Buying OTT for Skid Steers


Your skid steer track loader’s application is vital in choosing steel or rubber over-the-tire tracks. If you want to work on farms, around a property, or in off-road conditions, steel OTT tracks are ideal. However, over-the-tire rubber tracks are an excellent choice if your project requires you to operate the skid steer on hard surfaces such as sidewalks, pavement, or roads. They are more versatile and perfect for several applications than steel OTT tracks.


In addition to applications, budget is a significant factor when deciding between rubber and steel OTTs. Although rubber over-the-tire rubber tracks are more beneficial than their steel counterparts, the former may be more expensive. Steel tracks are an economical and wise solution if you have a limited budget and only need a little versatility.

Long-Term Financial Gain

It helps to know that although rubber over-the-tire skid steer tracks costs more upfront, they often offer more significant long-term financial advantages. If you come across unexpected work opportunities, the versatility of rubber OTTs may benefit you and allow you to do more projects. This way, you can increase your revenue and overall profitability. Moreover, the rubber over-the-tire skid steer tracks offers better protection for pneumatic tires from wear and punctures. This is because the gap between each crossbar is less than the space in steel OTTs. Thus, they help you reduce the possibility of frequent flats and costly downtime.

Rubber Over-the-Tire Tracks for Skid Steer Loaders

You can significantly increase the machine’s floatation and traction capabilities with rubber OTTs for compact equipment. They have deep tread lugs for better traction. These tracks have a wider footprint to ensure the weight distribution on the ground, reducing the ground pressure and enhancing flotation on sandy and muddy terrains.

3 Top Benefits of Over-the-Tire Rubber Tracks

More Operator Comfort

Rubber OTTs are designed to reduce vibration and noise levels, thus offering smooth rides. They provide a wide ground contact area and better operator comfort, helping boost productivity and maximizing your compact equipment’s ROI.

Protect Surfaces from Damage

Equipping your skid steer with rubber OTT tracks for operating on abrasive surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, and pavements, helps minimize surface damage. These tracks do not scar the ground and are perfect for applications involving working on sensitive terrains, such as landscaping.

Better Flotation

Rubber OTTs are best for terrains that require enhanced flotation, such as deep sand and mud. They do not exert too much pressure on the surface. In contrast, steel over-the-tire tracks are heavier and more likely to sink into the ground.

Steel OTTs for Skid Steer Track Loaders

Steel over-the-tire tracks are available in closed-bar and open-bar designs. The open bar ones are popular among skid steer owners. They provide maximum traction and firm surface grip. They also have self-cleaning abilities because the track can release mud and dirt that get stuck while navigating different terrains.

3 Advantages of OTT Steel Tracks for Skid Steers

Better Durability

Steel OTTs typically have a longer service life than rubber OTTs when used in harsh off-road terrains. They are durable and withstand demanding ground conditions that usually accelerate wear on rubber OTTs. Moreover, they are made from premium steel to ensure added strength for improved track life in challenging terrains.

Optimal Performance in Demanding Applications

OTT steel skid steer tracks are engineered to handle rough terrains with abrasive materials such as rocks and sharp-edged stones. Using rubber OTTs on such surfaces could increase the chances of puncture and track damage. Thus, steel over-the-tire tracks are perfect for severe applications such as demolition, land clearing, forestry, recycling plants, and more.

More Traction in Off-Road Applications

Although steel and rubber OTT tracks offer traction to compact equipment, the steel ones are better if you need additional traction. They are better for working on soft surfaces, muddy and hilly terrains, steep slopes, and slippery conditions.

3 Frequently Asked Questions About OTTs for Skid Steers

When Should I Use Rubber vs. Steel Over-the-Tire Tracks?

You can choose steel or rubber OTTs for your skid steer loader depending on the application and the ground conditions. Typically, steel is ideal for more extreme conditions, including rocky terrains, muddy grounds, and icy surfaces. Rubber is suitable when maximum floatation and minimal ground disturbance are your priorities. They are great for working on turfs, snow, and sand.

Can I Use OTT Tracks Throughout the Year?

High-quality over-the-tire tracks are suitable for use throughout all seasons. They are designed to offer superior performance in specific applications. You may consider equipping your skid steer with over-the-tire tracks if the standard ones do not provide the desired results.

Can I Use OTT with Solid Tires or Foam-Filled Tires?

Using solid tires or foam-filled ones is not recommended as they may put additional pressure on the OTT track, reducing the machine’s efficiency and productivity.

We Offer the Best Range of Over-the-Tire Skid Steer Tracks

Rubber Vs. Steel Over-the-Tire Skid Steer Tracks

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Our Skid Steer OTT Tracks Inventory

Camso Steel OTT Rubber Tracks
Our steel OTTs are made using durable and heat-treated steel. They have excellent tread life and traction and can operate efficiently in rough conditions.

Camso Rubber OTT Tracks
We carry high-grade rubber over-the-tire tracks made from quality rubber compounds and guarantee a longer life span.

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