Things to Know About Skid Steer Broom Attachment

Buying Skid Steer Sweeper Broom Attachment in Ontario

A sweeper is the best choice of accessory for compact equipment to accumulate and dump snow, dirt, and other debris as well as to spread materials evenly at a project site. It is perfect for construction, industrial, and municipal projects. When it comes to HLA attachments, particularly the skid steer brooms, you must know how they work and how to handle them to ensure maximum efficiency and prolong their life. Read on to learn more about the sweeper broom as a skid steer attachment to make an informed decision.

Top Tasks for Skid Steer Sweeper Brooms

Most contractors use skid steer brooms for the following tasks:

  • Clean sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, warehouses, and docks
  • Scrape mud, sand, and other materials from driveways, roadways, and job sites

Features of an HLA Sweeper Broom

  • Reversible Cutting Edge
    It helps to cut through the mud and other materials on the job site. The reversible ability of the cutting edge of the broom helps to enhance the life of the attachment.
  • Poly Bristles
    They are also available in steel and help you brush dirt, snow, sand, and other materials into the bucket. The bristles allow you to clean a surface easily and eliminate the need for using multiple accessories for cleaning a site.
  • Versatility
    Skid steer brooms are quite flexible. You can operate them either forward or reverse and use them to spread materials evenly across the ground or to remove debris.

How HLA Sweeper Brooms Work

How HLA Sweeper Brooms Work

A skid steer broom has bristles mounted onto a tube. With the help of a hydraulic motor, you can turn it in either direction. It works similar to a broom and dustpan. When sweeping in the reverse direction, the cutting edge is placed on the ground so the bristles can sweep the dust and debris into the bucket. When sweeping in the forward direction, the bristles brush the materials against a rubber flap to deposit them into the bucket.

Types of Skid Steer Sweeper Brooms

  • Mini Rotary Angle Broom – It is typically built for a mini bobcat mount and designed to meet the demands of commercial clients. It is perfect for sweeping dirt, snow, and other materials.
  • Rotary Angle Broom – It is perfect for both skid steers and compact loaders having a universal quick attach. You can use it for heavy-duty applications involving sweeping of snow, dirt, and more.
  • Pick Up Broom – It is designed to clean up any job site, including an industrial yard. It is ideal for scraping mud or sand, as well as sweeping dirt or gravel. You can use it in parking lots, equipment sheds, warehouses, job sites, and more.

Broom & Brush Rotations

Adhere to the following to minimize wear on the cutting edge:

  • Keep brush rotation towards the machine to reverse on the surface.
  • Keep brush rotation away from the equipment to move above the surface.
  • If the debris is stuck, reverse the broom rotation, lower the cutting edge to the ground, and move the equipment backward. This will help you scrape the material off the surface so the broom can sweep it into the bucket.

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  • HLA Hydraulic Rotary Broom
  • HLA Pick Up Broom
  • ALITEC Pick-Up Brooms

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