How to Use Skid Steer Brooms Properly

5 Tips for Using Skid Steer Brooms Properly

When it comes to using HLA attachments, particularly a skid steer broom, it helps to know how they work. Whether you’re using your sweeper broom to clear debris from a construction site, clean the streets, or remove snow, it is important to know how to use them properly. This will ensure the ground you are working on is protected and also extend the life of the broom’s wear parts.

Before we discuss a few useful tips to use the sweeper broom correctly, let us take a look at its features and how it works.

Features of a Skid Steer Broom

  • It is a hydraulically driven HLA skid steer attachment used to sweep a path.
  • It helps in quick removal of debris without damaging the surface.
  • It is easy to maneuver and use.
  • It can clean both large and small areas with less effort.
  • The broom bristles often have a waved design that allows them to clean more surface area.
  • It also comes with a reversible angle brush, allowing multi-directional sweeping.
  • It is designed to offer maximum efficiency by allowing you to get close to the debris.

How Does a Sweeper Broom Attachment Work?

The HLA broom attachment for a skid steer comes with a hydraulically driven rotating broom that helps to push debris, dirt, and mud away from the equipment. You can angle the broom to move the materials to the side or sweep them ahead of the machine. The attachment can also reverse its direction and pull toward the equipment, leaving the angles and corners clean.

Sweeper Broom Attachment

An HLA Broom Attachment is often used to perform the following activities:

  • Clear away dried mud, light snow, dirt, and other debris from its path.
  • Effectively clean streets, sidewalks, driveways, warehouses, parking lots, and more.

5 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Skid Steer Broom

  1. Use Proper Downforce
    This is one of the essential things to keep in mind when using a skid steer broom. Avoid pressing down harder on the ground and use proper downforce to protect the bristles as well as the surface.
  2. Know Your Paths
    It helps to be aware of the path you are working on so you can avoid any damage. Also, use the sweepers accordingly to ensure maximum efficiency.
  3. Let the Sweeper Broom Warm Up
    Sweeper attachments generally require some time to warm up. It helps to allow the oil to cycle through the equipment before starting your work. This will help extend its life.
  4. Opt for General Maintenance
    Check regularly for general wear and tear. Also, be sure to follow proper maintenance protocols for the sweeper attachment and remember to examine its bristles.
  5. Mind the Motor
    It is important to be aware of the motor’s position when operating the equipment. This will help you avoid hitting the motor when sweeping in tighter spaces or against buildings.

We Have a Wide Selection of HLA Attachments

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