Signs that Indicate It’s Time to Replace Your Rubber Tracks

5 Signs that Indicate It’s Time to Replace Your Rubber Tracks

Whether you’re working on difficult terrain or in harsh weather conditions, the tracks on your equipment must be in good condition. However, with continuous use at construction sites, they tend to depreciate. You must keep an eye out for the signs that indicate you require new excavator rubber tracks.

5 Signs You Need Replacement Rubber Tracks for Excavators

The following tips can indicate if your tracks are about to fail:

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  • Problems with Sprockets
    Similar to gears, sprockets mesh with the tracks when you use the equipment. If the sprocket is worn or if the track is loose, you will find them interlocking sloppily and skipping over the lugs. They can also get derailed which is why you should ensure that your sprockets are in proper condition.
  • Cracks on the Tracks
    As with most machines and their accessories, the exterior of your track is susceptible to cracks due to usage. It can happen if you regularly work on rough, rocky terrains, or if you operate the machine aggressively. If you find cracks appearing on the rubber tracks of your excavator, they need to be replaced. Also, ensure that your machine is parked away from direct sunlight to prevent damage.
  • Tracks Keep Losing Tension
    The tracks tend to stretch over a period similar to your shoe breaking in. You should check the tension regularly, say, every five days if you put them to use frequently. Lift them off the ground to examine the sag between the bottom and the top of the lug. If you face problems due to this, do not try to rectify it by tightening the tracks beyond the instructions of the manufacturer. Instead, try and find the right replacement.
  • Lugs are Missing
    Lugs can come out if sprockets continuously slip against them or if they are damaged due to debris caught up under the carriage. Watch out for missing or damaged lugs and be sure to replace them as well as the rubber tracks if needed.
  • Dry-rotted Tracks
    Due to exposure to elements such as heat and light, as well as various factors on a job site, you can find stress marks and rotting rubber in the tracks of your machine. This is an indication they need to be replaced.

Don’t wait until the rubber tracks of your machine snap. To avoid expensive downtime and get your work done without any delays, check for these signs and take measures to replace your tracks whenever required.

Kubota Mini Excavators and Equipment

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